by on December 1, 2009

Right now you are one choice away from a new beginning – one that leads you toward being the fullest human being you can be.

In a fast pace world that has us beautifully distracted and constantly plugged in … life can become very chaotic and we often feel like we’re spinning out of control.   If one gets caught on the outer edge of a rapidly spinning wheel of life it may not a good place to be as you could be thrown off easily no matter how tight you try to hold on … At the same time it can be a blessing if you are willing to embrace risk and take the plunge in hopes that luck rides with you …. Once you take the needed risk, things break wide open.  If one is willing to take full responsibility for their actions then their own thoughts and beliefs turn the wheel and the universe will respond quickly  … In order to  manifest, the best place to begin is right in the centre  where core beliefs lie.

So here’s where the journey inward gets interesting … What ARE your core beliefs??  The truth lies in your outer world as it is a mere reflection of your inner world …. Once your realize you are the only person keeping you where you are with your limiting beliefs you become liberated. Free to create anything your heart desires.

Anyone can do it … it’s a matter of choice …  whether it takes one reading, several readings, or a commitment to a life coaching process … its all up to you … nobody owns us and nobody owes us  … we are all stewards of our own ships … gifts to one another … mirrors reflecting our life images back to us … some images we like and some we allow ourselves to struggle with …  Remember … its not what we LOOK AT but rather what we SEE???  Perception …. Once again … whatever we CHOOSE to see ….

If you feel you are ready to surrender to old patterns and beliefs and allow the new to unfold then don’t hesitate to book an appointment and experience Insightful Wisdom that will enhance your life direction forever.

Imagine …  dissolving blocks, exploring depths, releasing self-created judgements and limiting beliefs!!!

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